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Meditation with Mary H Reaman in a field of lily's


Meditation is the doorway to our inner life, where self-exploration and self-understanding can be illuminated. A variety of meditation practices have arisen over the ages as seekers and those in religious and mystical traditions explored and experimented with the interconnections between breath, body, mind, and spirit.

Meditation practices can help us be fully present and grounded with whatever is unfolding in our lives at any given moment. Simple meditations include using the breath to anchor us to the present moment, focusing our attention on the light in the heart, or gazing at a candle to enter the quiet of our inner sanctuary.

why meditate?

Meditation can also be a grounding force in our lives. It not only helps us be present with Reality as it is, it has the added benefit of bringing a greater sense of calm and relaxation to our everyday experience. One easy way to ground ourselves is to take a couple of minutes and put your bare feet on the Earth. This is called Earthing and science has confirmed that this simple practice can aid us in feeling a sense of connectedness and peace. More involved forms of meditation include the use of guided imagery where we engage the imagination to journey within. Other methods of meditation seek to increase our sense of gratitude and ease of being.

Ultimately, the aim of meditation, regardless of what form it takes, is to increase self-awareness, cultivate mindfulness, and help us relax into the eternal uncertainty that is Life.

Meditate with Mary

Guided mediation is a great way to start your day or reset as needed. Here are a few guided meditations with me that you can use to help ground your day.