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Mary Wedding Officiant for wedding ceremonies

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I specialize in “spiritual but not religious,” weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, house warming ceremonies, baby blessings, funerals, memorial services, and more. I work closely with clients to create personalized ceremonies that reflect the needs, beliefs, values, and interests of those involved.

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I began my work in spirituality in 1987 by creating and facilitating retreats for groups of people, students, staffs, and individuals.  Doing retreat work over the years has made me acutely aware that we live in a culture that lacks rites of passage which are so essential for processing and integrating the experiences of our lives.  Creating ceremony is a way of holding space, fostering intimacy and authenticity, and making meaning by honoring the threshold moments of our lives.  A threshold moment is any moment that moves us from one stage, phase, or place in life to another.  It may be welcome or unbidden.  Either way, when we engage in ceremony, we honor these moments and make room for healthy processing and integration. Marking the threshold moments in our lives with ceremony, whether it be getting married, welcoming a new child into the family, or surviving the loss of a love, is a way of honoring the seasons of change that bring meaning to the journey of our lives.

Mary H Reaman officiating a wedding ceremony


Mary wasn't just a "part" of our wedding. She wasn't merely the officiant. Mary was guest Number One. Yes, her words during the ceremony were perfectly in tune with the moment and the love in our hearts, but her presence was integral to the announcement of our union. I have no recollection of our wedding that doesn't include Mary. . .

We had a small ceremony, and every single guest commented on the depth and sincerity of Mary's words. They knew that she had "seen us" with love and support. We love you, Mary!!!