About Mary

Mary painting Sunflower by Night detail
Mary Reaman kissing tree in nature

my journey

Following the call of my longing, I have pursued unchartered territories and taken on a variety of roles including pastor, founder, public speaker, teacher, preacher, creator of ceremonies, author, artist, and podcaster. After leaving traditional religion, I founded a spiritual community for seekers in 2006 called, Tree of Life Community, affectionately referred to by its members as “the church of I Don’t Know.” I have recently become a Reiki practitioner and I am enjoying exploring the healing power of energy work. I have also recently begun a podcast called, Watering Whole with Mary, and it is available wherever you listen.


My spiritual journey is immersed in Nature spirituality, celebrating the cycles and seasons of Earth’s turning, the moon’s movement from fullness to emptiness, and paying attention to the more-than-human world and the Wisdom contained there. I connect with Creation’s spirituality through ceremony, silence and ritual in order to tap into creation’s sagacity, insight, and healing power.

my artwork

Always exploring various forms of meditation and spiritual practice, I have found Art as Meditation to be my primary means of practicing present-moment awareness, which I express through writing poetry, painting, and playing with photography.

Mary Reaman speaking at a spiritual workshop

join me...

I offer a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats for spiritual development and Self-discovery including Sacred Embodiment which focuses on chakra balancing and alignment, Art as Meditation, Freeing the Spirit for Radical Joy, Living by Heart, Responding to the Call of Compassion, Embodying Creation’s Spirituality, Using Tarot to Explore the Archetypes, and more.