Mary h Reaman

Celebrating the Great Mystery through Creativity, Consciousness, and Creation. Come Journey with Me!

Unfurled painting winged figure detail
Mary H Reaman laughing

About Mary

Hello! I’m Mary H Reaman and my creative journey is immersed in Nature spirituality, celebrating the cycles and seasons of Earth’s turning, the moon’s movement from fullness to emptiness, paying attention to the more-than-human world and the Wisdom contained there. I connect with Creation’s spirituality through ceremony, silence and ritual in order to tap into creation’s sagacity, insight, and healing power.  

Reawakening Wonder & Awe

It is remarkable that the world is, that we are here, that we can experience it. Open your eyes to see it, your ears to hear it, your hands to touch it – and be amazed! Everyday!

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Watering Whole with Mary

The Watering Whole podcast is a place for those seeking to quench their thirst for meaning, satisfy their hunger for inspiration and ignite their passion for life featuring conversations, discourse, meditations and other artistic expressions exploring themes on life, spirituality, mystery, consciousness and creativity.